Vixen ATERA H12x30 Vibration Cancellation Binocular

Vixen is now introducing "image stabilised binocular". Vixen ATERA H12x30 has its unique appearance. This special binocular was designed to be used at 12x magnification without needing tripod. With two hands, user can hold it more securely but thanks to its vibration cancellation function,  moon can be observed with just one hand with magnification of 12x. Craters on the moon is clearly visible with this tiny little friend!

Today, we will briefly explain how to use Vixen ATERA H12x30 vibration cancellation binocular.

Vixen ATERA H12x30 can be used with your eyeglasses on and of course without. Twist-Up Rubber Eyecup is standardized. The Rubber Eyecup move up when it is twisted.


When eyeglasses are worn, twist down so that the Rubber Eyecup goes down to the lowest position.

Vixen ATERA H12x30 can be held with a single hand. With its "Vibration Cancellation" technology, always comfortable with stabilized image at 12x magnification.

Brightness for this binocular is 6.3. BK7(for Roof Prism) and Bak4(for subsidiary prism) with Phase-Coatings. In addition, Fully-Multicoated optics enables to achieve higher clear view and brightness.

When Green Light is on, this means "Vibration Cancellation" function is activated. This Green Light automatically goes off when Vixen ATERA H12x30 does not detect any vibration for 5 minutes or some.

Vixen ATERA H12x30 can be powered with two AAA batteries. Battery box(black box) is placed on underneath of the body. Auto Power Off function is standardized. This feature is activated when no vibration(for around 5 minutes) is detected by the built-in sensor. 

For replacing batteries, there are two small buttons on both sides(left and right) of the battery box.



When you replace AAA batteries, please make sure that the switch of Vixen ATERA H12x30 is power off.


Note: When "Auto Power Off" function is activated, Green Light goes off even if the power switch is ON. For reactivation, simply, turn off the power switch and re-switch on.

Press both(left and right) of them and then, the cap can be pulled up. 



The cap has a safety secure strap for not losing the cap for the battery box.


Gently pull up the cap and then, replace AAA batteries. General battery commercially available can be used for Vixen ATERA H12x30 so that wherever you travel, you can get AAA battery locally on the earth.

Vixen ATEHA H12x30 comes with a nice soft protection case. Unlike general binocular case, this bag was specially designed for ATERA H12x30 so that binocular strap (sometimes troublesome) can all be put in the bag.  

Put Vixen ATERA H12x30 in the case. (Eyepiece protection cover comes as a standardized accessory.)

This is a sample image of Vixen ATERA H12x30 in the soft protection case. Since this bag is very small, you do no require a big space while you travel. 



Vixen ATERA H12x30 has very unique looking. External cosmetic is not general binocular black colour, but it is something very special. If you are looking for something different with quality, Vixen ARTES H12x30 will surely make a good gift for your friend and family. 


Vixen ATERA H12x30 is not designed as waterproof binocular, you can enjoy it with multiple situation. For outdoor use, Birdwatching, astronomical use(recommended for moon), indoor concert, opera and music events!

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