Vixen A62SS Achromat Multicoated

Vixen A62SS is Achromatic lens telescope with "4-element" lens design and multicoated optics.


This compact telescope is good for people who are new to astronomy and want to enjoy both visual observation and astrophotography.

Today, we will look into the details of Vixen A62SS.

Diameter of objective lens is 62mm and focal ratio is F8,4(520mm). 


Finder Bracket Shoe of A62SS is similar design used for Vixen VSD100 F3.8. Unlike Vixen's general finder shoe bracket,  this piece is finely anodized aluminium finish. 

Instead of having lock screw, Vixen A62SS has "Side Face Flat Lock". It can be tighten up with fingers and also with coin.

External cosmetics for A62SS is very fine. White Powder Coating finish. It might be a bit difficult to see it in details, but it is more "hammer tone" finish design. 


Dew shield can be retractable for compact storage(305mm -> 370mm).

In order to protect lens from dust and damage, Cap for the objective lens is very solid and made from the metal. 

62mm objective lens with fully multicoated. This is perfect travel telescope not only for astronomical use(for night), but also for wildlife observation(for day time). In order to make it as daytime telescope for Birds and nature watching, use Vixen's 45-degree Erect-image diagonal 31,7mm(#8791)

Dovetail plate is standardized for Vixen A62SS. There is some holes so that it can be mounted on both general camera tripod and also on astronomical mount.

Rotatable drawtube with compression ring design. As it' been mentioned, this feature is very useful when using Vixen A62SS for photography purpose. 

Vixen A62SS has a precision Crayford Focuser. Compression Ring Eyepiece Adapter is also standardized.


In addition, this telescope has "360 degree Rotatable Focuser". This feature is useful when doing astrophotography. Camera position can be changed with this useful feature.

This is a standardized accessory. Extension Tube Adapter is 42mm diameter for T-Ring and 37mm for general filters available on the market.

For visual observation, attach two parts and make it like left picture.

Insert the assembled to the drawtube of Vixen A62SS.

LV 20mm Eyepiece is attached. This eyepiece is old model, but it is one of the best eyepiece from Vixen from old age.


(*Please note that LV Eyepiece is not included in #26152 Vixen A62SS.)

Picture on the left side is Diagonal Prism 31,7mm(Art, #3675). This accessory is useful for observing the zenith because it is angled 90 degree with prism.

45-Degree Erect-image Diagonal 31,7mm(Art,#8791) is perfect accessory for wildlife observation such as birds, animals.

For astrophotography, "T-Ring" is necessary item.


There are a number of T-Ring available. Check out your digital camera (Brand and model) before choosing one. 

Pick up an accessory for Vixen A62SS and attach it to your T-Ring. 


There are screw thread on each parts so that it can be done very simply.


After that, you can attach the assembled on your digital camera.

Assuming that your digital camera is attached to T-Ring, then, insert the assembled parts to the drawtube of Vixen A62SS. 


Now, VixenA62SS becomes telefoto lens for your digital camera.



Picture on the left side is "inserted T-Ring" without digital camera.


This picture is done just to show how it works.


Now, you can try it with "Super Moon", which is coming in January 2018. Good luck with Vixen A62SS!

Below is the actual image of the moon taken with Vixen A62SS.

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