ATT 2018 in Essen (and something about ATERA H12x30)

First of all, thank you very much for visiting our Vixen booth during ATT 2018! This year's ATT was another successful event for Vixen! We exhibited all the latest new products during the event. AXJ Mount received many interests and comments and Vixen HR Eyepieces were also being talked a lot. The level of "high resolution" for HR eyepiece is outstanding in the similar kind of its eyepiece group so that please test it on your own. We will be coming to ITV 2018 so that if you would like to try HR eyepiece, visit Vixen booth!

By the way, we have a new binocular called Vixen ATERA H12x30 (Image Stabilized Binocular). This is also a popular item during ATT. People were very curious about "the effect" of ATERA (image stability through its optics) so that we carried out testing of it by recording a video to show you how it works. Distance from the recording spot to the house with brown roof is about 45m.


Above picture provide you more clear view. Red Circled point on the picture, there is a nest of tiny little bird. As I do not wish to interfere bird's life,  I magnified only part of the nest. 


Video were recorded with smart phone LG v30+ together with ATERA H12x30. Vixen Smart Phone Adapter was also used to link LG v30+ and Vixen ATERA H12x30. There are two casual video prepared for comparison between on and off.


One video shows stabilizer "ON" and the other shows with stabilizer "OFF".


Since ATERA H12x30 is made for hand carrying binocular, the whole video recording process were carried out with "handheld". Doing x12 magnification Observation with hand-held is not an easy task.


I presume that even better stabilized effect can be gained if ATERA is placed on binocular holder or something which can provide more stability.

Stabilizer "OFF"

Stabilizer "ON"

<Quick Guide using ATERA with Smart Phone Imaging>

When you use ATERA H12x30 for smart phone video recording or smart phone photography, please note that focus of the image can be adjusted with Focus knob(Red circle) on ATERA, but not on the smart phone screen.


ATERA H12x30 will give more fun for your daily life!

Next time, we will test Moon imaging with ATERA H12x30. Don't miss it! Stay tuned!

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