SG6.5x32 (Art. #19173)

Das Astronomie Fernglas


Experience the Edge-to-Edge Sharp View. The SG6.5x32 is the next step up. It was designed and developed at the request of star gazers who are passionate for star-hopping with the SG2.1x42. Using the ED lens, high quality prisms and cutting-edge coating technologies are making this binocular perfect for viewing at very low light conditions. No loss of light results in giving it ultimate sharpness and clearness.

10 Remarkable Features of the SG6.5x32

1. ED glass is used to eliminate all hints of false color.


2. Flat and high light transmission characteristics throughout the wavelength of star spectrum by means of seven layers special multi-coatings.


3. High reflective silver and dielectric coatings on the sub roof prisms produce the maximum reflectivity.


4. The sub roof prism is made of less-absorption glass to keep high transmission of light for collecting subtle light from faint stars.


5. The roof prisms are phase coated to reduce halation and increase resolution for clear and high contrast images.


6. The travel of focusing becomes slower around infinity focus where you view celestial objects to allow for fine focus adjustments.


7. The ergonomic gripping body makes you hold the binocular snug when you aim at upward.


8. The knurled focus wheels are turned steadily with wearing gloves.


9. The large aperture eyepiece offers your eyes a comfortable viewing position.


10. The light weight but solid binocular body is made of magnesium alloy and waterproof for serious outdoor use.

Spezifikationen SG 6.5x32WP
Vergrößerung 6,5x
Öffnung 32mm
Gesichtsfeld 9,0° *
Abmessungen 140 x 132 x 48 mm
Gewicht 610 g
Zubehör Tasche, Nackenriemen

*Das Gesichtsfeld variiert aufgrund der großen

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