Coma Corrector PH (Art. #37237)

Japan made high-quality corrector lens system for astrophotography applicable to parabolic mirrors.

Japan made high-quality coma corrector lens system for astrophotography applicable to parabolic mirrors.


A Wynne type 3-elements in 3-group optical design complements coma aberration for parabolic mirrors and spherical aberration for spherical mirror excellently.

It achieves a broad 44mm dia image circle which covers 36mm x 24mm full frame DSLRs and delivers a very sharp image all over the imaging field.

A large 50mm aperture lens allows securing ample edge-of-field illumination.

The same anti-reflective AS coatings, which are used for our high-end VSD100F3.8 Astrograph are used to take advantage of 99.9% superb high transmission of light per lens surface. Loss of light, ghost and flare images are eliminated substantially due to the complete matte finish inside.

The eccentricity of each lens is inspected for optical performance of a level higher and high quality control is guaranteed from assembling to shipping.

The Corrector PH is useful at visual observing og extended star clusters and nebulae.

Spezifikationen Vixen Coma Corrector PH


Focal length with R200SS


760mm (F3.8)

Lens elements 3 elements in 3 groups Wynne type
Image circle 44mm dia. (36mmm x 24mm imaging format)
Attachement threads M56 (male), pitch 0.75mm, 52mm for filters
Telescopes applicable R2000SS Newtonian reflector
Visual use Available with an Eyepiece adapter
Optional accessory for photography Direct wide photo adapter and T-ring (The edge-of field vignetting may be conspicuous if the Direct wide photo adapter is not used.
Size and weight 56mm dia. X 78mm, 175g
Country of Origin Japan

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