ASG CB90 Carbon Fiber Tripod (Artikel #25164)

<Product Features>

Vixen ASG CB90 Carbon Fiber Tripod is for heavy-duty, but it is lightweight solid tripod with tubular legs made of carbon Fiber. 


ASG CB90 Tripod is originally designed to use with AXJ equatorial mount., which requires strong rigidity and lightweight. 


ASG CB90 Carbon Fiber Tripod can be used for following Vixen mounts:


AXJ Mount

SX Mount series

SXG Half Pillar

AP Mount series 

HF2 Mount

Porta II Mount

GP/GPD Mount series 


For height adjustment, Lock Nut System is used. Since this lock system is not friction lock, but it actually tight up the joint legs by screw, this can provide reliable strength it users.

Legs of ASG CB90 Tripod are secured by reliable twist lock and provided with 2.5cm interval graduation scale marking for levelling. 



<Product Specification>


ASG CB90 Carbon Fiber Stativ

 Leg Section

2 Leg Section

 Maximum Extended "Length" 900mm
 Mimimum Folded "Length" 590mm
 Material Carbon Fiber
 Weight 3.4 kg
 Maximum Height 815mm (Height from ground level)
 Minimum Height 510mm (Height from groung level)

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