POLARIE Star Tracker is widely used for wide field astrophotography. This is due to the lack of proper accessories for balancing POLARIE when heavier DSLR telephoto camera lens are loaded on the whole photo system.


Today, Vixen Co.,Ltd has launched new accessories to support this point for passionate POLARIE users for their new challenge. Below is a sample picture of Orion (Constellation) with different size of camera lens.

Quick Release Panorama Clamp (Art. #35527)

Product Features

Attachments plate such as ARKA SWISS specification can be compatible with the shape of plate holder(Note: Angled Plate is Not included in the #35527). The base of Vixen's Quick Release Panorama Clamp rotates 360 degree so that pointing position of mounted camera system can be easily set with clamp.

Apart from Dovetail Slive Bar DD and Slide Plate, camera mount with 1/4", 3/8" screw can be compatible.

<How to use?>

There are two ways of using Vixen Quick Release Panorama Clamp.


One is to use it in combination with Vixen Dovetail Slide Bar DD. The other way is to use component parts in combination with ball-head mount with 1/4 screw.

Vixen Quick Release Panorama Clamp is consisted of two component parts.


Remove "upper" component by loosening the screws with wrench.

Upper and lower component can be separated by removing screws on the module.

Take upper component.

Prepare ball-head mount with 1/4 male screw.

Simply, put the upper component of Vixen Quick Release Panorama Clamp on the ball-head mount with 1/4 male screw.


Prepare POLARIE Star Tracker and take Camera Mounting Block(round parts on front) from POLARIE.


Attach the ball-head mount to the Camera Mounting Block of POLARIE.

Place the assembled on POLARIE.


DSLR camera with Vixen Quick Release Angle Plate can be placed on the system now.


Spezifikationen Quick Release Panorama Clamp
Product Code #35527
Applicable Mount Dovetail Slide Bar DD, Slide Bar, Camera mount with 1/4" screw, 3/8" screw
Compatibile Camera Plate
Quick Release Angle Plate, thin types plate with Arka Swiss specification.
Country of Origin
 Made in China
Diameter 61mm x 32mm height
Gewicht 210 g

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POLARIE Balance Weight 1.0KG (Art.#25801)


Counterweight for POLARIE Star Tracker. This counterweight can be used together with POLARIE accessories for Deep Sky Photography.

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POLARIE Polsucher PF-L (Art. #35521)

Der Polsucher für die POLARIE richtet den Tracker exakt auf den Himmelspol aus und ermöglicht so auch das Fotografieren mit längeren Brennweiten.

Der Polsucher ist sowohl für die Nord-, als auch für die Südhalbkugel geeignet.

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