Astro Lamp LED SG-L01 (Art. #71091)

Adjustable dim red LED light secures your night vision


Vixen LED Astro Lamp SG-L01 is designed for supporting people who require Dim Red Light for their night photography sessions as well as astronomical observation.


What is the most unique about SG-L01 is that unlike general purpose head lamp, SG-L01 starts with Red Light (0.4 Lumen). By seeing White LED light in the darkness, humans eye naturally try to adjust its visual system and likely to reset Dark Adaptation (reference: Wikipedia). This is familiar technological terms among night active astronomers and night photographers.


Vixen LED Astro Lamp SG-L01 is designed for the purpose of providing comfortable night observation environment.




1x rote LED, 2x weiße LED

Helligkeit (Rotlicht) Rotlicht: 0,4 - 7 Lumen & Weißlicht: 4 - 27 Lumen
Stromversorgung 1x AA Batterie

Rotlicht: ~181h@0,4 Lumen; ~4,5h@7,0 Lumen

Weißlicht: ~48h@4 Lumen & ~5h@27 Lumen

Wasserdicht Wasserdicht nach IPX4
Abmessung 60 x 25 x 40mm
Gewicht 27g (body only)
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör Elastisches Band L und S

*Please note that this data can not be applicable with the usage under extreme low temperature condition.


When the power button is tuned on, Red Light turns on with the most darkest light level (0.4 Lumen).

By pressing the button, brightness can be adjusted.

Initial brightness of Red LED is 0.4 Lumen and can be adjusted up to 7.0 Lumen.

Turn on the red light and quickly press the button within 2 seconds, the color of light changes to White LED.

Initial brightness of White LED is starting from 4.0 Lumen and can be adjusted up to 27 Lumen.

What is included:

LED Astro Lamp SG-L01 body

Extension strap comes as standardized accessory. By adding the extension strap, it can be used for neck-strap, arm or leg. Below is a picture "with" the extension strap.


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