Kamera Heizdecke (Art. #35433)

Material Active Heat Fabric (AHF) Spezialstoff (handwaschbar)

~40°C bei 20°C Raumtemperatur

~30°C bei 10°C Außentemperatur


über USB Anschluss (5V, 1A, 4W)

Heizdauer 3 - 5 Stunden (@20°C) mit 5000mAh USB Powerbank
Abmessungen 45 x 48cm
Gewicht 150g
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör Magnet-USB Kabel


There might be a situation where you have problems with Condensation on camera lens, eyepiece.

Heating wrapping cloth with built-in innovative AHF heater with whole surface mild-fastener.

Powerful magnet contact for power supply facilitates attachment and removal.

Power source is a general mobile USB battery (5V, 1A, 4W).

Wrap up camera body or camera lens with Vixen's heater Wrap Sheet. High-density fine fabric of the mild-fastener ensure very strong adhesion.


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