NA140SS OTA (Art. #58681)

NEO Achromatic Refractor OTA

Chromatic aberration of achromatic refractors increases as their aperture increases. This becomes especially apparent for achromatic refractors with short focal length (less than F8) with apertures larger than 120mm. To compensate for this, Vixen's "NEO Achromatic" refractor has an additional two-element objective lens behind the primary objective lens, to give a bright image with excellent color correction compared to conventional achromatic refractors. As a result, star images are reduced less than 60 microns in size at the edge of field of view.

Spezifikationen NA140SS OTA
Objektiv Linsen NEO Achromatic, D=140mm, Multi-coated
Brennweite 800 mm (f5,7)
Auflösung und Grenzgröße 0,82 Bogensekunden; 12,5
Lichtsammelvermögen 400x
Abmessungen und Gewicht 140mm dia x 1040mm, 6,7kg
Sucherfernrohr Optional
Adapter und Anschlüsse Adapter thread 60mm, Visual back 50,8mm
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör Dual Speed Focuser, 50,8mm Compression Ring
Fotografie Primärfokus und Okular Projektion

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