Polsucher PF-L für AP (Art. #25803)

A new type of polar alignment scope which can set up equatorial mount with very high precision using simple method. The polar axis can be aligned within 3 arc minutes by locating the Polaris and two neighbor stars in the northern hemisphere. It allows simple alignment in a dark place while looking into the scope. Built-in dark-field illuminator with red LED illuminates scales in 8 steps. The illumination goes off in one or two minutes after switched on.

Spezifikationen Polsucher PF-L für AP-Montierung
Veregrößerung 6x
Objektivdurchmesser 20mm
wahres Gesichtsfeld


nördliche Hämisphere

südliche Hämisphere

3-Stern (mit Präzisions-Kompensation bis 2040)

Polaris, δUMi und 51Cep

σOct, τOct und χOct

Genauigkeit <= 3 Bogenminuten
Beleuchtung Dunkelfeldbeleuchtung mit Automatischer Abschaltung
Batterie  CR2032
Abmessungen und Gewicht 47 x 55 x 142mm; 155g
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör Inbusschlüssel, CR2032

Polar Scope Setting Support APP

The PF-L Assist app helps you to align the equatorial mount of your telescope to the north celestial pole or south celestial pole in order to make it turn parallel to earth’s rotational axes.

The app is helpful to match orientation of the constellation pattern drawn on the reticle of the polar alignment scope’s field of view with the constellation viewing in the real sky when you set up the equatorial mount with the polar alignment scope.

With use of the PF-L Assist, you can easily find direction of the constellation designated for polar alignment when the said constellation is hidden by trees or building, or when the night sky is affected by city lights, or when you set up your telescope at dusk.

The position of guide stars on the scales changes year by year due to precession of the Earth. The PF-L Assist provides you the present location information of the guide stars to set up on the scales correctly. You will achieve the polar alignment instantly without performing a routine for setting of date and location. The app displays the current night sky which can be seen in your location.

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