Wide Photo Adapter 60DX für Nikon(Art. #38752)

Neu! Wide Photo Adapter 60 DX for Nikon(Art. #38752)


The new Wide Photo Adapter 60DX is designed to connect Dia. 60mm threaded optical tubes with Nikon DSLR with F-mount. The adapter is largely improved in precision, strength and durability by using new materials and change of structure. The camera mount with larger inner diameter eliminates light loss in surrounding, particularly in combination with full-frame DSLR using large image sensor.

■ Brass is used for the bayonet section where high precision and long-term durability are severely required.
■ Overall strength is improved with larger diameter as well as thick compoments.
■ Locking performance is increased by using more lock screws with larger knobs.
■ Possibility in squaring error is reduced by using Delrin chip on the every screw tip.
■ The original camera mount with larger inner mount diameter excellently reduces surrounding light loss.
■ Stray light is thoroughly eliminated by careful blackening and light-shielding process.
■ Fully compatible with all 60mm threaded accessories, while the conventional wide photo AD60 is replaced.
■ Two different sizes of lock screws are provided for optimal lock and smooth camera rotation mechanism.
■ Additional set screw without head is supplied for possible prevention of interference with camera body.

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Spezifikationen Wide Photo Adapter 60DX für Nikon            

60mm P=0,75mm

56mm P=0,75mm für Reducer / Corrector PH

Kameraanschluss                 Nikon F
Kamerarotation Ja

Teleskopauszüge mit 60mm

VSD100F3.8, R200SS, A80M, A105M, SD81S, SD115S, AX103S, FL55SS, VC200L, VMC200L, VMC260L and VMC330L,                

Abmessungen und Gewicht

D: 81mm x L:26.5mm,    170g, Made in Japan,




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