Finder Eyepiece 100 (Art.35203)

Finder Eyepiece 100 (Art. #35203)


<Product Features: Eyepiece-type Finder Scope>


It is a simple eyepiece with 100mm focal length. The incorporated cross-hair makes it possible to use as a finder by replacing with observation eyepiece.


The long focal length design offers low magnification and wide angle for a use as finder. If optical tube with 600mm / Focal length of finder eyepiece 100mm = 6x power.


<No adjustment is required>

As it is simply replaced with eyepiece, it eliminates a need particularly for beginners to adjust optical axis. After putting an object on the crosshair, replace it with an observation eyepiece and adjust focus to observe.



Product Code: Art. #35203 

Focal Length : 100mm

Push-Fit Size : 31,7mm

Size              : Dia. 50mm x  Length 186mm

Weight          : 180g

Origin           : Made in China


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